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Our Private Training is unique for every individual. Upon completing the initial assessment, a custom unique training program is developed based on the athlete's needs. Private Training is a great way to customize your training goals and really fine tune exactly what goals you are looking to accomplish. Every session you attend will be 1-on-1 with one of our Performance Coaches, who will know you and the correct steps that will need to be taken.


We offer Training & Competition Prep For:


 Bodybuilding, Women's Bikini & Figure,

 Men & Women's Physique.

 Sport Specific for any age

 General Fitness, Weight Loss, Etc.

 Semi-Private (Max 4)

Personal Training

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We pride ourselves on having one of the best Boot Camp programs in the Pearland and surrounding area.


Our boot camps are held:


Monday-Friday @ 9:30 am

Monday-Thursday @ 7pm


You want a boot camp that pushes you while having the intensity and fun. Come GRIND!

Boot Camps

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We have 6 cages that can be rented by teams or individuals.  Our cages are the best around and allow teams the chance to work on their hitting year round.  


We also offer private hitting and pitching lessons offered by GRIND Instructors. Please contact to schedule an appointment.

Batting Cages

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Other Services

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Personal Training                Sports Specific Training                                     Hitting Lessons                    Pitching Lessons                                                 Food Prep

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